Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lost for Mont Blanc

Last night me and my friend went to Granada Center, one of the largest shopping mall in Riyadh. After driving to no where.. we kinda lost a bit because my friend enjoyed his story and made me lost and forgot our destination. After a few hour driving we think we missed the exit to Granada, so we kept driving until we find a u-turn. I check my watch and it's almost 9:30pm in Riyadh... Wooppss!!! I saw Granada and the 4 mini KLCC towers, its like magic! I like Saudi's.. miracle is everywhere, hehehe. We are there! Masha Allah! But anyway... it turns me crazy, I saw this sun glass.. the shape is just like Jessica Alba, Mont Blanc... pretty cool... So I asked the sales man for price... Masha Allah.. Can you imagine how much is the price for Mont Blanc sun glass?? oh man!!! oh man!!! oh man!!! Long story short, I decided to take the sun glass home with me. Once in a life time :)


Anonymous said...

hmm... I tought u said single men r not allowed to saudi shopping mall ? thats a lie ? - diaz

Anonymous said...

Single man (specifically unmarried man) can shopping but in specific time which they are allowed by KSA government. Usually Monday until Wednesday before evening, but there is still an exception for an "Asian" people. Correct me if I'm wrong. - fatah (Uhuh, kenangan lama)