Thursday, October 18, 2012

uDc-hackssh-v3_bajaulaut public version

Lately, I have a small project that required an encrypted communication sessions over a network like openssh. However, I found one machine which interest me more then the others which is placed at highly secured zone. So, I had this crazy idea similar to Sebastian Krahmer but with more capabilities.

The idea was to manipulate and make use of openssh, and without additional rootkit to control and maintain root access on the target machine including machines placed at other network zones.

Long story short, I am publishing a public version of this "toy" but without the other "crazy things" for security reasons ;). Actually, this public version is nothing new. It is a combination of known openssh backdoor and openssh reverse capabilities as I mentioned above. You can download them here.

- updated for openssh-5.x version
- add reverse capabilities based on openssh.reverse

- use hardcoded DES cipher password
- ssh has the capablitiy to act as a server
- sshd has the capability to act as a client