Wednesday, September 8, 2010

PSP slim Hack's

Procedure for firmware 5.03 or below
1.      Update firmware to version 5.03. If the firmware already installed, skip this step.
2.       Download and install official firmware version 5.03.
3.       Download and install chickHEN R2.
4.       Download and install PSPIdent v0.4 or latest.
5.       Continue based on which motherboard you have:

a.       For TA-085, TA-085v2, TA-088v1, TA-088v2 or TA-090v1 motherboard:
                                                  i.      Install custom firmware. The most current are:
§  5.00 M33-6
§  5.50 GEN-D3

b.      For TA-088v3 (Partially Hackable) motherboard:
                                                   i.      Install partial custom firmware ONLY. The most current are:
§  CFWEnabler 3.60
§  5.03 GEN-C

Procedure for firmware above 5.03:
1.       Buy/make a Pandora battery & Magic Memory Stick.
2.       Without the Pandora battery inserted, insert the Magic Memory Stick.
3.       Hold "L" shoulder button and insert the Pandora battery.
4.       The green LED light near the power switch should light up.
5.       The onscreen instructions should appear.
6.       Release the "L" shoulder button.

NOTE: If onscreen instructions for installing 5.00 M33-4 appear, then your PSP is COMPLETELY HACKABLE. If nothing appears, then we must assume your PSP is NOT HACKABLE. Follow the remaining steps accordingly.

a.      TA-085, TA-085v2, TA-088v1, TA-088v2 or TA-090v1 (Completely Hackable) motherboard:

                                                   i.      Follow the onscreen instructions to install 5.00 M33-4.
                                                 ii.      Ensure M33-4 are completely installed.
                                                iii.      Install 5.50 GEN-D3 or 5.00 M33-6 through Hellcat's Recovery Flasher.

b.      TA-088v3 (Not Hackable)
Sit and wait.