Friday, June 10, 2011

Cloud Computing Initiative: TAIWAN

As I mentioned on my previous post, other things that I think I should share is the Chunghwa Telecom & Chairman of Committee on Cloud Services, Cloud Computing Association in Taiwan, Dr Yen-Sung Lee
SVP & COO presentation.

He mentioned that, Taiwan government has developed a Cloud Computing Roadmap since January 2010. He said, "it was started with the initiation of the Cloud Computing Organization, to help cloud computing industries specially in their country." Now, Taiwan has six (6) Cloud Centers or initiatives:
  1. Cloud Operation Center - A centralized monitoring, resource provisioning and management facilicities
  2. Cloud Testing Center - Facilities to provide various test and verification services e.g. stress test, interface test, functional test, security test
  3. Cloud Research & Development Center - Develop the key technologies of Cloud Computing and collaborate with industries and academic institutes
  4. Cloud Experience Center - Provide enterprise users experiencing cloud services and technologies in actual environment
  5. Cloud Service Creation Platform - Build a high-capacity Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) platform to enrich the software development environment
  6. Innovation and Application Contest - To encourage innovative service development across Taiwan

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