Friday, October 22, 2010

Review for Network Security The Complete Reference

I've been looking for "Onion Methodology" for past few weeks. Network Security The Complete Reference has it.

"The Onion Model of Defense is a layered strategy, sometimes referred to as Defense in Depth. This model addresses the contingency of pa perimeter security breach occurring."

"Consider what happens when an invader picks the front door lock or breaks a window to gain entry to a house? The homeowner may hide cash in a drawer and may store valuable jewels in a safe. These protective mechanisms address the contingency that the perimeter security fails. They also address the prospect of an inside job. The same principles apply to network security. What happens when an attacker gets past the firewall? What happens when a trusted insider, like an employee or a contractor, abuse their privileges? The onion model addresses these contingencies."

Generally, the book is about a comprehensive resource that provide all the information necessary to formulate strategies to obtain and implement a network security program. A five star book.

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