Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Google Dork

Google Calc:

Google can also be used as a calculator, here are the few calculator operators that you can
use to perform arithmetic operations in Google.

+ , - , * , / , % of , ^

Goto www.google.com and in the input box, type in the calculation that you want to perform,
something like 8-5, Then you can get the appropriate result. Likewise you can use the rest of
the Calculator operators.

+ and - is not only meant for performing arithmetic operations, but you can use them to narrow down your search. Search for hacking + ebooks this will search for both hacking and ebooks, but gives more priority for ebooks rather that hacking.
Search for hacking – cracking so that you can restrict cracking related sites and info while searching for hacking.

Searching for Phrase ?
If you are searching for a phrase, then don’t forget to enclose it within quotes, it doesn’t matter, whatever the quote is, either single or double quote.
“igconito” or ‘igconito’

Wildcard search:
You can use asterisk operator for wildcard search in Google that find that possible matches either in one or more words that is enclosed in the quotes.

Some other Google Opertors:

This operator is used for search only one website alone for particular result. hacking info site:www.microsoft.com This query will narrow down your search and will find some hacking related information on the site www.microsoft.com.

Num range:
When this query is given as input to the google, then it will search for a number that ranges between 10 to 20.

This query will display you, what ever the page that is linked with the site www.microsoft.com.

What ever the websites that looks similar in contents or related to each other will be displayed as a result of this query.

We can use this cache operator also as a proxy, because once we use this cache operator, Google will be acting as a proxy that stay in middle of the source and the destination.

Site operator can be used to search whatever that is been indexed in a website.
now this will reveals a lot about this site that got indexed in its server.

allinanchor: Both the link and the allinanchor operator does the same thing, where allinanchor search for keywords that is enclosed in the anchor tag. allinanchor:login

Using this stocks operator, you can get the current stock details.

When SafeSearch is turned on, sites and web pages containing pornography and explicit sexual content are blocked from search results. Many Google users prefer not to have adult sites included in their search results. Google’s SafeSearch screens for sites that contain this type of information and eliminates them from search results. safesearch: keygens + cracks

This operator will allow you to search phone numbers that Google consider them for quick reference.
phonebook: Disney CA

This operator cannot be used along with other Google operator.
This can be used for viewing information that Google knows about your site.

You can narrow down your search using this filetype operator, if you are seacrhing for a file of specific type.
filetype:pdf “Networks”
This will fetch you some PDF documents or E-Books related to networking.

Google currently supports the following filetypes:
 txt, doc, pdf, ps, wk1, wk2, wk3, wk4, wk5, wki, wks, wku, lwp, mw, xls, ppt, wks, wps, wdb, wri, rtf, swf, ans, xml, cpp, java, torrent and so on.

This is similar to the filetype operator. ext:pdf “Networks”

If you want to use Google like a Dictionary finding out for meaning or the definitions, you can use the define operator. define:hacking

This is somewhat similar to the normal search that most of them do often, you can search for a specific term in google, and can use more number of words enclosed with quotes. allintext:defaced mirror

This operator performs search by looking upon the text that is enclosed in the title tag. intitle:”admin login”

You can use only one argument while using the intitle operator, where as you can throw more than one in allintitle operator. intitle:”admin login” “webmaster login” “administrator”

You can search contents only from selected country websites by specifying the location using the location operator.
inurl:admin.asp location:india
This will fetch you pages that contain admin.asp in its URL and will be from India.

You can narrow down the search by restricting the source. you can specify the source as a popular E-zines, aricles and even publishers.
“Network Security” source:tata mcgraw hill
This will fetch you results for “Network Security” related topics that was published by tata McGraw Hill publications.

weather:chennai This will return you the weather in chennai. likewise you can look for your city.

 you can convert to or from Degrees and Radians using Google.

Number Bases

in hex

in binary

in octal

in decimal

Speed, time and distance conversions

20mph in kph

2 month in minutes

420 kelvin in celsius

5 fahrenheit in celsius

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