Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Absent for HITB again

HiTBSecConf2007 Malaysia is over and I missed it again.

You know what I missed the most? CTF game! It's fun, gain more knowledge and meet new friends. This year SaoVang (Vietnam) won the competition, WabiSabiLabi (Switzerland - picture) in 2nd place and Padocon (Korea) in 3rd place. The US Army tried their luck again when HiTBSecConf2007 Dubai gave them nothing I guess.

My favorite team is WabiSabiLabi, I don't know them.. just because I like the apple logo, hehe.

Actually, SaoVang is the one. They are from VNSEC and the most talented and high skills group in Asia, I guess..... ^-^

-quote from wabisabilabi blog-
"A particular mention to the US Army team (Army Strong). They didn't succeed in scoring any hacking task, but they succeeded to get the best defensive points. Considering that their critical mission in every day's life is to defend the US Army network (they don't have any legal right to attack), we think that they met their mission objective which was to come to the CTF to score the best in defense. Mission accomplished, congratulation US Army Team!"
-end of quote-

More information here and here.

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piju said...

the one that wearing red bag pack is bizkut
fscking bizkut!, haha.