Monday, April 27, 2009

Truecrypt Installation on Fedora 10

TrueCrypt 6.1 on Fedora 10 was quite straightforward. Here is a quick list of steps to follow:

1. Download the TrueCrypt 6.1 source tarball from

2. Untar the source:
[root@slash-the Download]# tar -zxvf TrueCrypt\ 6.1a\ Source.tar.gz

3. Install required libraries:
[root@slash-the Download]# yum install nss-pkcs11-devel fuse-devel wxGTK wxGTK-devel gnome-keyring-devel gcc-c++

4. Export the Cryptoki include folder:
[root@slash-the Download]# export PKCS11_INC=/usr/include/gp11

5. Run make
You may get the following error messages:
../Common/SecurityToken.cpp:654: error: ‘CKR_NEW_PIN_MODE’ was not declared in this scope
../Common/SecurityToken.cpp:655: error: ‘CKR_NEXT_OTP’ was not declared in this scope

5.1 Open Common/SecurityToken.cpp in your favourite editor.

5.2 Scroll to line 654

5.3 Comment out line 654 and 655. It should look like this:

5.4 Save and exit

5.5 Run make again

6. TrueCrypt is now compiled:
[root@slash-the Download]# cp Main/truecrypt /usr/share/bin

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