Monday, October 22, 2007

Gulfscan/FIT khalas

I'll depart from Riyadh airport tonight and leaving all the good people specially AwalNet and SAMA, the most "professional client" that I ever work with in Riyadh if you know what I mean.

It is a wonderful experience... at least I met new Malaysian friends.. folks from NasAir, Flysama, Nokia dude's, AZRB and the geng's and of course the Malaysian nurses. Its kinda hard to find a Saudi friend here because they still with the races and slaves thingie. I only have one Saudi friend, Faisal.. he is very very very very nice person.

Driving in Riyadh is a night mare, I mean.. they have the rules but its like 'fuck the rule, i'm the one who driving not you'.. They don't follow the lane, traffic lights, speed limits and "barking" area. Sometimes they drive with their feet or toe, can you imagine that?? I can say that Saudi's definitely can not drive out side of their country.

It's better to talk to rock rather than Saudi's. They are Hippocrates and always want to win even they don't know a shit. Most of them like "hey, you cannot do this and that" but you will see them do the exact things that you have been told not to do.

Their plan its like every 15 minutes, so all the projects will never on time. They will promise to you like "Insha Allah, bukra/tomorrow" and if you lucky you'll get the "promise" things like a year after that, if not its like waiting forever.

If you have a blue eye and white skin, this country is for you. BECAUSE they will listen to blue eye people. If you like from Asia or such, you'll be their slaves. I tell why.... imagine a meeting room attend by Asian, blue eye (canadian for example) and Saudi:

Asian: Ok, what you should do is put an A here and B there.
Saudi: No no no, you can not put that way, because I have something in there bla bla bla bla..
Asian: But that is how things supposed to be done.
Saudi: I don't care, you cannot do that. Is there any other solutions
Asian: (he tried to be polite.. uhmm... poliste my asssss!)
Blue eye: But, still that is things supposed to be done.
Saudi: Oh really?? Ok, khalass.. Do it...
Asian: (mother fucker!!!!!)

They have one magic answer for all unacceptable attitude they had, "this is a culture here"


One of my friend said:

First thing first: be a human
Second: be a muslim
Third: Learn to be a muslim... and muslim did not teach you to treat other people like a slaves.

Farewell Riyadh...... I am khalasssss.... thanks to all "my friends"

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