Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Real Open Source

Well, I just get back from dinner with some friends, and usually when I get home I'll do some works, other stuff and reads few my favorites blogs, one of them is Richard Bejtlich blog. I'd like to quote of what he posted today on his blog which is I found very interesting. I hope it will open your eye instead of just keep talking about 'open source' every day. You may visit Richard blogs for the original posted.

- quote -

Open source doesn't just mean access to the source code.

"If you want to call your project Open Source, you have two options.
  1. Release your project under an approved license.

  2. Create your own license and submit it for approval. If approved, congratulations. You can now use option 1.
Creating your own license and calling it "open source" is not an option. It's not a good marketing tactic either. Any "halo effect" you think you might get from bearing the "open source" label is going to be removed when people realize your project is not really Open Source."

- end of quote -

And yeah, you probably need to read Matasano Blog.

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